Since 2003, Jody has been working full time as an artist after serving as Vice president of the family business and raising five children. Her workplace is a free standing studio built in 2002 designed to fit within the historic environment of her home. The studio is equipped with a 27 cubic foot kiln and a gantry with a pulley system to provide complete flexibility for working with large clay pieces. When Jody studied art at the Art Institute of Chicago, she primarily worked in metal casting and fabricating, but over time chose the medium of clay because of it's organic nature. The majority of her art is hand built clay high fired to stone free standing sculptures, but she also works with fiberglass over metal armatures and mixed media . She enjoys creating sculptures that have thin, fluid, and sensual shapes that seem to defy the nature of stone and stretch the viewers conception of what is possible. She draws her inspiration from her gardens which surround the studio.