Jody Skowronek Art

Contemporary Stone Sculpture


Hand built, unglazed stoneware, sealed against moisture. The base is considered part of the sculpture. Dimensions; Sculpture, 30"tall, 27"wide, 10"deep. Base, 41"tall, 10"wide, 11"deep. Added to base a 24" sq. stainless steel 1/4" thick piece to enhance overall stability. This piece will do well inside or out. The form is sensual and invites a soft passing caress.

Three Sisters

This piece is slate, with stainless steel frame and base. The design is sandblasted into the stone, and then painted. Each piece has a different design, and that design is repeated on both sides. It withstands any weather! Dimensions; 7' 3" tall; 14" wide; 1"thick The base is comprised of a platform with a 2 " diameter, 24" long stainless steel post which anchors into the ground. The sculpture platform is then bolted to the anchor platform.

Garden Goddess #1

High fired stoneware, surface stained during the firing process. It was then sealed against moisture. Dimensions; 37'" tall, 16" at widest point, 7" deep. Base is also high fired,and sealed. Dimensions; 23"tall, 12" square. Base is considered part of the piece and is incised,(carving a design into the clay before it is completely dry) This sculpture was inspired by an ancient (3000 yr. old) piece on display at the Metropolaton Art Museum.

Adam's Rib

Sculpture is fired stoneware, sealed against moisture. Base is fabricated steel allowed to rust. Rods are steel with copper sleeves. Dimension; 4ft. tall sculpture on 18" tall base. the base is 16" deep, 16" wide. This piece has been displayed in my garden for several years. It has acquired a patina which ages it beautifully.

Delicate Balance

Dimensions; Sculpture, 23" tall, 15"deep, 21" wide. Base; 38"tall, 12"deep, 12"wide. Sculpture is high fired stoneware. After fired, surface is painted and sealed against the outside weather. The base is constructed of steel and painted. This piece is worry free either indoors or out.

Chalice of Infinite Grace

Dimensions; Sculpture; 30" tall, 34" wide, 8"deep. Base; 22' tall, 11" wide, 14" deep Both the pieces were high fired, then painted with metallic paint, the sealed against moisture and protected from sun damage.

Garden Queen 2 - Dancing to the Music

High fired Stoneware; 6'3" tall; 35" at widest point.

Morning Stretch

High fired clay (stoneware). Sculpture is stained white, base is painted with metallic paint. The base is incised (carved designs while clay is still damp). 6 1/2 feet tall with base.

Presence of Him

6'10" including base. Sculpture is high fired stone ware, sealed against moisture. Base is fabricated steel, allowed to rust to a beautiful patina.


High fired stone ware; Fiber glass ; Dimensions; 6 1/2 feet tall

Going Vertical

High fired stoneware, painted with metallic bronze paint, sealed against moisture and UV rays. Good indoors or out, can withstand any weather. Dimensions: Sculpture; 46"tall, 9" at widest point, 91/2" deep. Base; 151/2" tall, 12"square. Note: this particular photo shows piece without base which is painted steel.

Empty Vessel

Dimensions 6'10" tall, 15" wide,7"deep.The base is 101/2"X13 1/2" at it's bottom. This piece was painted with a white and blue Engobe before the firing process. It has acquired a great patina.

Garden Energy

Dimensions; Sculpture, 33"tall, 18' wide, 7"deep. Base, 18"tall, 11"wide, 12"deep. The sculpture is dark clay, high fired stone ware. The base is constructed using a lighter colored clay. Both pieces are sealed against the weather and will withstand winter beautifully.

Wind and Water #2

Stoneware vessel; unglazed; sealed against moisture. Suitable for tabletop display, or on a fabricated base of your choice. Most suited for indoor display.

The Space Between

High fired stoneware, with fiber glass. Wall Structure.


Dimensions; 21"tall, 19"wide,20"deep. This intricate piece was hand built, as is all my work. It is meant for table top display, or a base display. This is an indoor piece, or at least a covered, screened environment. This piece has been Sold.

Wind and Water #9

High fired hand built,stoneware,sealed. Dimensions: 24"wide, 23"deep, 20"high. This sculpture is displayed on a beautiful grand piano. These larger pieces need a very large "table"......or a base at least 36" to 40" tall.

Vessel #1

Hand built stoneware; sealed against moisture. If displayed outdoors sculpture must be brought in for the winter months. If displayed in garden, a natural patina will develop over time. Dimensions;17" tall; 10' wide; 10' deep

Lord of the Ocean

High fired stoneware, Florida palm junk, assorted shells. If displayed outdoors, it needs to be semi protected from the elements...wind,rain etc. Dimensions: 35: tall, 16" wide, 9" deep.

Spirit Warrior with Headdress

High fired Stoneware. Dimensions: 14" tall; 15" wide; 4" deep. Sealed against moisture. Display out side in area protected from high winds.

Ceremonial Mask

Florida Palm tree Junk.If displayed out doors choose a semi protected space [ screened in porch] . Dimensions:40"high, 24' wide, 5" deep.

Garden Jester

Dimensions: 15"tall; 12"wide; 5"deep High fired stoneware, sealed against moisture. Indoor or Outdoor display.

Crowning of Thorns

Wall sculpture, indoor.

Mask #1

Florida palm tree junk.

"Dreamscape" study #1

High fired stone ware. Dimensions: 18"tall; 16" wide; 9" deep.

"Dreamscape" study #2

High fired Stoneware; Sealed Dimensions: 15" wide, 15" long, 4" deep

Triptych in Stone

High fired stone ware; Dimensions; 53" tall; 45" wide; 18" deep.